Charlemagne Péralte

Charlemagne Péralte
Haïti: If You Could Tell Me Your Story 

A Resonating Story

An important figure in the history of Haiti, Charlemagne Péralte is a leading figure in the resistance against the first U.S. occupation at the beginning of the twentieth century. He was one of the first to take an open and assertive stand against this affront.

Endowed with great bravery and a filial passion for his homeland, he has deeply marked spirits in Haiti and elsewhere, and left an inspiring legacy of freedom and social justice to the generations that followed.

Charlemagne Péralte took up the cause of the poor and the peasants, dreaming of the well-being of all Haitians. He was the leader of the Cacos, "a group of rebels who fought for a free and independent Haiti without the Americans." In 1915, he devoted his body and soul to the fight for a prosperous Haiti that would be respected by all.

This song, "Charlemagne Péralte," is the first in a musical project which aims to make the history of Haiti better known to our young people in the diaspora and to strengthen, where appropriate, the development of their self-esteem.

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